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Course Description

Over the past century, local anaesthetics and their delivery systems have evolved and improved significantly. Despite these advances however, our ability to anesthetize our patients is not 100%. In fact, in the mandible, the failure rate for the standard inferior alveolar nerve block is said to be around 20%. Periodontal and periapical infections can also minimize the success of profound anaesthesia. These situations can create painful dental visits for our patients creating anxiety for not only them but for the operator as well. Missed appointments due to this patient anxiety or rebooked sessions due to incomplete anaesthesia can be costly for the dentist not to mention highly traumatic for our patients.

This seminar will explore the reasons and remedies for incomplete local anaesthesia. A discussion of the anatomical and pharmacological reasons for failed anaesthesia will be discussed. Techniques beyond the standard inferior alveolar nerve block and standard needle and syringe will also be evaluated and taught. Many new devices bring with them some interesting advantages over the standard delivery methods that were taught in dental school.

As well, a detailed discussion regarding the safety of local anaesthetics will be explored. Drug interactions and medical emergencies related to both local anaesthetics and vasoconstrictors will be presented. Local anaesthetic toxicity and maximum dosages for both vasoconstrictors and local anaesthetics will be explored for both healthy and medically compromised individuals.


Dr. David A. Isen

Dr .David A. Isen,

CE Credits

6 Category 1 Core Credits

Learning Objectives:

Specific topics to be discussed include:

  • The anatomy and pharmacology of incomplete anaesthesia.
  • Is articaine a better local anaesthetic?
  • Remedies for incomplete anaesthesia.
  • How to give less painful injections – even in the palate.
  • A review of the inferior alveolar nerve block.
  • The Gow-Gates Mandibular Block.
  • Intraosseous and periodontal ligament injections.
  • Computer controlled injections.
  • Intra-nasal anaesthesia.
  • Local anaesthetic and vasoconstrictor drug interactions and allergies.
  • Local anaesthetic reversal agent.
  • Injecting devices without needles.

This course has been presented for almost every dental faculty continuing education program across Canada and in many universities across the United States.

This course qualifies for Category 1 Core Credits with the RCDSO.


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