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Implant Surgical Mini-Residency

Continuing Education for Dentists

Continuing Education - Dentists

Course Description

Implant Surgical Mini Residency

Friday, January 19, 2018 - Friday, December 7, 2018 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Session 1: January 19-20 (Lecture)
Integrating dental implants into a general practice,
Biologic basis of Osseointegration
Evolution of Implantology
Bone Physiology
Patient assessment - Systemic Health Diagnosis
Perio, caries, TMJ, Functional assessment
Endo considerations
Record Keeping
Introduction to Nobel Clinical
Diagnosis and treatment planning for the missing single tooth
Immediate Loading
Surgical Considerations for the Missing Single Tooth
Provisionals, Final Impressions (Digital Impressions) Abutment Selection

Session 2: February 9-10 (Hands on, Lecture & Live Demo Surgery)
Hands-on Model Surgery - provisionalization/abutment selection & Impression taking
Live Surgery - Placement of Implant by faculty in posterior and anterior sites
Lecture - Treatment planning of participants’ cases

Session 3: March 2-3 (Lecture)
Occlusion and Biomechanics
Implants to retain Partial overdentures
Tilting Implants for Partially edentulous cases
Implants for partially edentulous patients – fixed solutions
Conventional and Immediate Surgical protocols
Cement vs screw retention
Placement of implants in the esthetic zone
Surgical and Prosthodontic considerations

Session 4: April 6-7 (Hands on, Lecture & Live Demo Surgery)
Anatomy review
Incisions & sutures - hands on with pig jaws
Live Surgery - Placement of multiple implants by faculty for partially edentulous case
Treatment Planning

Session 5: May 4-5 (Lecture)
The edentulous predicament
Pre-surgery prosthodontic preparation
Treatment planning Overdenture options
Prognosis of the terminal dentition
The All-on-4 protocol
Zirconia, PFM, Guided surgery for the full arch
Occlusion & T-Scan
Extreme Cases
Adverse Outcomes
Patient Communication

Session 6: June 1-2 (Live Surgery)
Participants place dental implants in their patients - faculty supervision

Special Session: June 4 or 11 (evening lecture)
Maintenance protocols for dental implant solutions

Session 7: October 19-20 (Live Surgery, hands on)
Placement of implants by faculty member - the All-on-4 protocol
Implant Placement for the mandibular overdenture - hands on model surgery
Overdenture abutment selection, Conversion of complete denture to overdenture – hands on model surgery
All-on-4 model conversion protocol
Live patient treatment - final Impressions by participants with faculty supervision

Session 8: November 9 (Live restorative treatment)
Insertion of implant crowns by participants with faculty supervision
Follow up of implant crowns with faculty supervision
Post-insertion considerations
Closing of access chambers

Session 9: December 7 (Lecture)
Prosthodontic/Surgical Complications
Course wrap up
Lunch Graduation

CE Credits: 112


Nobel Biocare Training Facility
9133 Leslie St #100,
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 4N1

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Genesis Continuing Dental Education
Phone: (416) 229-6002; (877) 229-6002


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Continuing Education - Dentists


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Dr. John P. Zarb,
Prosthodontist, BA,
DDS, MSc (Prostho), FRCD (C)
Dr. Jack Zosky, DDS, FRCD(C), FICD, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dr. Phil Walton,
Periodontist, MMSc,
Dr. David Powell, Prosthodontist, DMD, MSc, FRCD(C)
Dr. Bruce Glazer, Prosthodontist, Anesthesiologist, DDS, BScD (Anaes), Dip. Pros.
Dr. Lionel Lenkinski, Endodontist, DDS, Cert. Endo.
Dr. Marc Bongard, Dental Anesthesiologist, DMD, H.Bsc,
Dr. Steven Bongard, DDS
Dr. Gersana Segal, BSc, DDS
Suzie Maxwell, Denturist, DD
Paul Sims, Registered Nurse
Michelle Ryckman, Treatment Coordinator
Flora Santos, Certified Dental Assistant, Level II