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Endodontics from A-Z for GPs

Endodontic Continuing Education (CE) for General Dentists

Continuing Education - Dentists

Course Description

This course is tailored for novice and experienced general dentists with comprehensive hands-on training. The program is full of honest tips, tricks, and advice aimed at helping dentists perform better root canals, with less stress and more efficiency.

Endodontic Continuing Education topics will include endo diagnosis, anaesthesia, access preparations, safer and faster instrumentation, obturation, pain and infection management, single visit endo, and restoring endo treated teeth.

Participants are:
- Asked to bring at least four previously endo accessed teeth stored in bleach. Do not instrument any canals.
- Welcomed to bring radiographs of their endodontic cases for a private one-on-one review and discussion with Dr. Haas.
- Welcomed to bring their chairside assistant/s to be trained on ideal and efficient four-handed endodontics.


Dr. Manor Haas

Dr. Manor Haas, DDS, Cert. Endo., MSc(D), FRCD(C) Certified Specialist in Endodontics and Microsurgery

CE Credit

14 CE Credits

Learning Objectives:

DAY ONE (Lecture)

Participants will learn about:
- Endodontic diagnosis, including 3D imaging, and treatment planning.
- Anaesthesia in endodontics, including hot teeth.
- Ideal access preparations and locating calcified canals, including MB2.
- How to instrument better, more efficiently and separate less files.
- Improved canal disinfection.
- Obturating more efficiently, predictably and in 3-dimensions.
- Prevention and management of endodontic mishaps, including perforations and file fractures.
- Anaelgesics and antibiotics in endodontics.
- One vs. two appointment root canals.
- The significance of magnification (ie microscopes) in endodontics, and how to incorporate them into your practice.
- Newest endodontic materials, instruments and protocols, and which best suit and improve your practice.
- Restoring endo-treated teeth.

DAY TWO, (Workshop)

- Under very close supervision, participants will be trained on a variety of instrumentation and obturation systems, and how to execute the most up-to-date clinical protocols.

Participants will learn how to:
- Locate and negotiate canals (including calcified canals and MB2),
- Properly use stainless steel and NiTi files (rotary and reciprocating).
- Instrument (rotary and reciprocating NiTi systems) better, more safely and efficiently.
- Perform warm obturation (using various systems).
- Use enhanced magnification, including dental microscopes, in endodontics.

Here is a transcription from the video:

Hi, I'm Manor Haas, I'm an Endodontist from Toronto and I'd love to let you know about a course that I'm giving with Genesis in Toronto. It's my great pleasure to do so with them. It's a very comprehensive two full days about Endo from A to Z tailored for general dentists. It involves practically everything we learned in dental school and then some and the way it should be done in this day and age, everything from case selection, treatment planning, diagnosis, how 3D imaging involves our diagnostic protocols nowadays to how do you anesthetize a hot tooth. It could be a simple endo but you may need to have more proficiency than just anesthetizing it. How you do an endo access, how you avoid mishaps and perforations>? How do you manage calcified canals, curved canals, what instruments should we use, what endodontic files should we use. There's plenty out there in the market. They're all claimed to be phenomenal, the question is which one should you use which one suit your practice best, how you opterate it, where you do post-stop, pain management, antibiotic should you do it should you not, do you do the endo on one appointment, if so what should you do, or should you do it in two appointments. There's many things that I talk about in this very very comprehensive program, and then it also includes a full day of workshops. So hands on component about doing your access, your instrumentation, calcified canals, curved canals, various instrumentation techniques. It's not all just one filing system, there are rotary file systems, reciprocating systems that you're exposed to, and then operation, various operation systems that I teach and I have you actually trying first hand from warm vertical to carrier based operations. Essentially, I want you to be exposed to what's out there and see what works best for you. It's a wonderful, very comprehensive non-biased just very honest kind of a course with a lot of honest tips and tricks just to trying make your life in endo easier and more enjoyable hopefully and benefit your patients. So hopefully you can join me, it's a great pleasure to do it with Genesis, and thank you very much for your time.


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