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How to Maintain Dental Implants

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Course Overview

Dental Implants have a long and proven track record. Millions of patients have been successfully treated using this treatment modality. Our current focus in implantology is the adaptation of protocols to make the process more simple, convenient, and predictable. A surge of recent product and technical innovation has had a corresponding impact on the maintenance requirements and recommendations for dental implants. This Dental Hygienist Continuing Education course is geared towards the prevention of dental disease around dental implants.  This is the ultimate goal of any maintenance protocol.

Ironically, the protocols that we follow for natural teeth can be extremely problematic if followed on dental implants.  There are many significant differences between a natural tooth root and a dental implant.  We will review these differences and discuss the related differences in the required protocols for maintenance.

This dental hygiene continuing education course will provide course attendees with an updated understanding of the concepts required for the maintenance of dental implants vs. natural teeth.

Walton, Dr. Philip


After this course, participants will be familiar with:

• the components and instrumentation of implant dentistry
• pertinent anatomy
• prosthetic design
• traditional protocols vs. new aesthetic protocols
• patient candidacy and risk factors
• radiographic interpretation
• peri-implant disease (difference between peri-implant mucositis vs peri-implantitis)
• treatment algorithms for peri-implant disease
• home care protocols

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Chrysalis Dental Centres
4576 Yonge St., Ste 510
Toronto, ON M2M 6N4
Allied Centre for Continuing Dental Education
660 Petrolia Rd.
Toronto, ON M3J 3K4

Contact Information

Genesis Continuing Dental Education
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Tuition: $49.00 plus applicable taxes


This is a one evening course.

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Transcription from the video

Hi,  I'm Dr. Phil Walton, a periodontist. We now know that implants have an established long-term success rate, but there's a common misconception that implants and teeth are to be treated the same when it comes to diagnosis and maintenance of health. It's important that we understand some of the differences to ensure that we gain success for our patients. We'd love to have you join us at one of our lectures to better understand some of the newer protocols involved in long-term health and implant maintenance.